Short Stories

Firebrand Prologues:

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THE OUTCAST — Pennsylvania, 1845

20-year-old David Kavanagh has arrived in America with nothing but a broken heart and a child that isn’t his. Tormented by his past, David is ready to give up until he meets a shunned young woman who seems to understand his pain. But can she convince him to start building a new life, or will he keep running?

THE ORPHAN — Texas, 1855

Orphaned and sold into slavery at twelve, 15-year-old Abigail has spent the last three years trapped in a house with the monster who claims to own her. Her days are filled with isolation and abuse-until she meets the neighbor’s misfit son, Jack, who makes her a dangerous offer of friendship. Abigail knows she must be careful if she hopes to survive. But how much longer can she survive the loneliness?

THE EMIGRANT — Ireland, 1857

15-year-old Aidan Callahan is in love, and the future is bright. But on the very day he steals his first kiss, his father makes a terrible announcement–the family is leaving Ireland for America. Aidan knows that home is where his family is–but will he be able to leave everything else behind?

The Road to War:

Post-Firebrand short stories, coming soon!