Donna Van Cleve

By on August 14, 2014


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  • I think this was my favorite question today! 😉 Thanks so much for having us!!

    Tweeted on 02:52 PM Oct 21

  • Convicting.

    Tweeted on 04:54 PM Oct 16

  • Well, today was from the pits. But whatever, #StarWarsRebels is on tonight, so...

    Tweeted on 03:30 PM Oct 16

  • 10th grade, boy would harass me, stand at my desk, stick his crotch in my face. I asked to be moved. Teacher: “He just likes you.” #metoo

    Tweeted on 07:40 PM Oct 15

  • Age 23, stranger kissed me after I told him I wasn't interested. Tried to follow me to my apartment, thankfully lost him in a crowd. #metoo

    Tweeted on 06:53 PM Oct 15

  • Age 14, auditioning for HS band. Male director: "I bet your dad didn't buy that dress for you." Mortified me, botched my audition. #metoo

    Tweeted on 06:45 PM Oct 15