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By on October 19, 2015

So, it’s been a while… I hate starting posts like that. But I have a good excuse, I promise!

To catch you up on the past seven months (oops), I have been hard at work getting Firebrand ready for publication. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in revisions and other book-related things. But at least I can say I’ve been productive!

Ok, so there may have been a bit of gaming in there too. And seasons 1-8 of Doctor Who (they finally converted me) and all 5 seasons of Merlin (I’m STILL crying). But I need to keep my sanity somehow.

Anyhow, contrary to what I posted earlier this year, I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and pursue independent publishing. There are so many pros and cons to either path. I did a lot of researching, and soul-searching, and when it came down to it, hanging on to the goal of traditional publication had less to do with my head and more to do with my heart.

In short, I wanted to be traditionally published because I have an aching desire to be accepted. I know most people can relate. No one wants to be rejected, and all writers go through it, no matter how they publish. But to get personal for a minute, this desire touches a vulnerable part of my soul, something I’ll have to write about another day. It’s enough for now to say, as a single woman in her 30s, that this is an area where I’ve often felt very wounded. And so I told myself I needed someone else to choose my story before I felt like it (or I) was worth anything.

That’s not to say there aren’t other considerations, challenges, and benefits to either path to publication, but in the end my choice is a very personal one. Might even call it spiritual. Because I was reminded once again that my worth doesn’t come from my writing, my successes or failures, my relationships, or anything else but God alone.

So I’m trusting Him. Not with the success of my book, but with my self-worth. And doing that means letting go of what makes me feel safe–waiting for someone else to tell me that I’m good enough. Specifically in this case it means separating myself from my work and knowing that no matter what I will have done my best, offered it up to my Father, and He will be pleased, even if no one else is.

But I still want to offer up my very best to Him (and my readers), which is why I’ve hired an editor to give Firebrand another once-over. And I’m working with someone on the cover design, which is super exciting! I’m also getting a publishing schedule together, writing another short story, toying with the idea of a Kickstarter campaign in the next few months, and somehow trying to squeeze in more research for Book Two. I don’t want to say yet when I’m hoping to have the book released, but I can say I’m aiming for Spring 2016.

As far as the blog is concerned, I’m going to keep it going as best I can. So if you haven’t yet, please subscribe so you’ll be notified via email when I’ve finally posted something. 😉

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Thanks for reading!

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