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  • Last week of summer reading calls for some retail therapy and frappuccinos. And adding to my vinyl collection. ❤️🎵 https://t.co/tFB3ST7rBt

    Tweeted on 10:25 AM Jul 26

  • What Makes a Good Book Tagline? https://t.co/e6dAPDAlhY via @NicolaAlter

    Tweeted on 06:48 AM Jul 25

  • How Historical Fiction Does What History Textbooks Do Not- https://t.co/g5OQg80fel

    Tweeted on 01:10 PM Jul 24

  • What I want from the next Doctor: for Jenny to come back for some mother-daughter adventures. At least one, please?? ❤️ #DoctorWho13

    Tweeted on 06:30 PM Jul 22

  • Spent the day watching Doctor Who with the teens and forgot to scare them with my cardboard weeping angel cutout. #fail #saturdaylibrarian

    Tweeted on 03:21 PM Jul 22

  • TFW a character you previously hated is finally on the path of redemption only to die horribly without warning...… https://t.co/jUB3QWiaTY

    Tweeted on 08:40 PM Jul 17